Nagi Abdussamie


Dr Nagi Abdussamie is the Deputy Program Leader for Research Program 1 – Offshore Engineering & Technology.

Dr Abdussamie has been a teaching/research member at the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania since 2013. Before that Dr Abdussamie was a marine surveyor with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) which is one of the world’s leading classification organisations. His industry experience with ABS on several new building and operational projects of both ships and offshore structures has enabled him to effectively build his research portfolio and teaching philosophy. Research and teaching enable Dr Abdussamie to share his previous field experience with ocean engineering students in the classroom.

  • Dr Abdussamie completed his PhD at Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania in 2016.
  • Dr Abdussamie commenced his current appointment at the Australian Maritime College in 2017 as a Lecturer of Ocean Engineering at the National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics.
  • Dr Abdussamie is currently the Course Coordinator of Ocean Engineering.
  • Dr Abdussamie’s primary research interests are the application of computational fluid dynamics techniques, experimental methods, machine learning tools and risk-based techniques for marine and offshore industries.

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