Research Program

RP1 Offshore Engineering and Technology (OET)

Project Leader

Chris Shearer, BMT

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The purpose of this scoping study is to understand the likely requirements of the service vessels needed to efficiently and sustainably operate and maintain offshore/high energy aquaculture farms and potential offshore/high energy multi-use platform operations in the future. Developing an understanding of the likely environmental, operational and technical constraints will enable an assessment of current vessel types and technologies to be conducted. A comprehensive review of the existing Australian and international maritime classification standards and Human Centred Design guidelines from the design, building, construction, and survey perspectives of the aquaculture support vessels will be carried out under this study. Outputs to be delivered include a comprehensive report describing the major gaps that need to be addressed in maritime design standards, and recommendations for maritime certification/legislation bodies in Australia.

Images courtesy of BMT

Project Participants

  • Blue Economy CRC
  • BMT
  • DNV GL Australia Pty Limited
  • University of Tasmania


6 months

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