Research Program

RP3 Offshore Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) Program

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Eloise Wilson, University of Tasmania

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The Australian Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (BECRC) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have investigated the energy requirements of the offshore aquaculture industry and considered the feasibility of co-locating offshore aquaculture with ocean renewable energy (ORE) as part of efforts related to the blue economy.

Based on this work, PNNL and BECRC propose to address the OES study on the energy requirements of offshore aquaculture as a market for ocean energy. Work already completed and ongoing efforts by each organization fall within the tasks of the OES Terms of Reference. PNNL and BECRC plan to coordinate ongoing research in the United States (US) and Australia, as well as collaborate with other OES nations to coordinate similar research that may be underway and encourage additional efforts. Bringing together nations to collaborate on aquaculture and ORE co-location will allow for knowledge and findings to be readily shared and will increase coordination among nations and organizations researching offshore aquaculture and ORE.

Based on the work accomplished to-date and future planned studies by both organizations, PNNL and BECRC propose to lead an effort to compile current findings from their respective countries. PNNL and BECRC will also organize a collaboration with key nations engaged in aquaculture and ORE to further assess the potential for ORE to power offshore aquaculture. Based on the information and findings compiled, PNNL and BECRC will recommend next steps for powering offshore aquaculture with ORE.

offshore waters for aquaculture

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9 months