Offshore Renewable Energy Systems

Building Australia’s offshore renewable energy opportunities with technologies to assist the decarbonisation of offshore industries

Building Australia’s offshore renewable energy opportunities with technologies to assist the decarbonisation of offshore industries

Offshore renewable energy for a sustainable blue economy

The Offshore Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) program aims to advance the technological and commercial readiness of emerging offshore renewable energy technologies, so they can fulfill their potential to decarbonise offshore industries, including aquaculture, and export energy as electricity and hydrogen.

Commercialisation opportunities include the design and development of renewable energy conversion devices; microgrid technologies for producing electricity and hydrogen offshore; optimal solutions for offshore energy storage.

In addition to energy production, the ORES program will also focus on essential resources for aquaculture such as freshwater (via desalination) and oxygen (for hatchery and fish culture).



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  • Offshore electricity & hydrogen market opportunities & demand
  • Energy system model integration ORES design & assessment
  • DC Microgrids

  • Hydrogen microgrid demonstration – onshore
  • Offshore electricity

  • Hydrogen microgrid demonstration – offshore
  • Offshore electricity & hydrogen production

Delivering offshore production systems for energy and aquaculture in a sustainable blue economy, through technological innovation


Demonstration of Offshore Renewable Energy powering offshore industry (aquaculture or otherwise) – providing power to support growth of a diverse sustainable blue economy.

Maritime sector hydrogen demand established and being delivered to.

Milestone Output 1

An energy demand and optimisation model for offshore industry operations (for proposed co-located aquaculture platform, and other future scenarios).

Milestone Output 2

Offshore Renewable Energy Converter (OREC) designs, patents, and improvement in existing technologies with increased survivability and decreased environmental impact, capital, and operating costs.

Milestone Output 3

Designs, patents, energy management strategies, new and integrated technologies, suitable for the offshore environment, leading to a bench-scale test system and products such as micro-grid architecture, desalination, oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, and other storage solutions, derived from Offshore Renewable Energy Systems (ORES).

Milestone Output 4

Successful proof of concept through field demonstration of the operation of novel ORES, and reporting findings and learnings (e.g. performance, system-scaling, installation, monitoring systems, licensing, risk management and mitigation, maintenance, end-user demands, and CAPEX and OPEX reductions).


Professor Evan Gray

Program Leader
Griffith University

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Dr. Kosala Gunawardane
Dr Kosala Gunawardane

Deputy Program Leader
Auckland University of Technology

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