Outcomes from the Blue Economy CRC will include:

  • Seafood and renewable energy systems that are robust to offshore conditions.
  • Commercially viable seafood and energy products for the domestic and export markets.
  • Demonstration of the benefits of co-location and integration of the seafood and renewable energy industries.
  • Intellectual property, including products and knowledge, for export
  • Future research leaders and a skilled workforce.


Impacts from the Blue Economy CRC will include:

  • Seafood production exceeding $5 billion in exports p.a. by 2050
  • Positive trade balance in the value of seafood.
  • Acceleration of Australia’s emissions intensity reduction target of 65% by 2030 Diversification of Australia’s renewable energy export value chain to include “green” hydrogen.
  • Increased investment for ongoing R&D into seafood and energy production.
  • Global recognition as a leader in these rapidly developing industries.