Current Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunities

Postdoctoral Research Fellows appointed in the Blue Economy CRC will provide the CRC with a dynamic workforce that will support the five research program’s activities. Their involvement will span not only the aquaculture, engineering and offshore renewable energy sectors but also include environment, ecosystems, and offshore regulatory policy.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows are expected to present at a national and international conference, co-funded by the CRC and their host institution. The CRC will hold showcase events to communicate CRC research outcomes and provide training opportunities for students, ECRs and professionals.

Details of the Postdoctoral positions currently available are shown below (note that, at times, no positions may be open).

Project: DC microgrids for offshore applications

The Blue Economy CRC is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to undertake research on this project, which it is funding as a collaboration with industry partners Optimal Group, and Pitt & Sherry. The principal project objectives are to model, simulate, build and operate a bench-scale all-DC microgrid at the few-kilowatt level, including a mixture of physical and emulated components such as wind turbine, electrolyser, hydrogen storage, fuel cell and power conversion electronics. This is a fixed term (three years), full-time position based at the Nathan Campus, Griffith University.