Current Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunities

Postdoctoral Research Fellows appointed in the Blue Economy CRC will provide the CRC with a dynamic workforce that will support the five research program’s activities. Their involvement will span not only the aquaculture, engineering and offshore renewable energy sectors but also include environment, ecosystems, and offshore regulatory policy.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows are expected to present at a national and international conference, co-funded by the CRC and their host institution. The CRC will hold showcase events to communicate CRC research outcomes and provide training opportunities for students, ECRs and professionals.

Details of the Postdoctoral positions currently available are shown below (note that, at times, no positions may be open).

We are seeking an experienced researcher to contribute to delivering the Blue Economy CRC funded project Advanced monitoring to maximize fish welfare in offshore aquaculture.

You will join a productive, multi-disciplinary research team committed to delivering solutions for industry. The work is part of the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre program to facilitate a sustainable economy within Australian waters. The primary focus of this role is to use state-of-the-art deep learning architectures (convolutional and/or deep neural networks) and develop new algorithms to create a model that effectively detects, identifies, and counts jellyfish in videos streaming from cameras used by the Tasmanian salmon aquaculture industry to monitor their fish pens. This role includes taking the model of an existing prototype developed during a scoping study (see to a fully operational system that will be used by our industry partners to detect and monitor jellyfish.

The role includes working closely with Tasmania’s three salmon aquaculture companies and the Blue Economy CRC research team. Success in this role requires the ability to publish high-quality papers, effective collaboration and communication skills and working effectively with multiple industry partners.

Please apply via Griffith University website.