Sustainable Offshore Developments

Developing regulatory frameworks and ensuring operations at highest environmental standard for sustainability and ecosystem integrity

Advocating regulatory frameworks and ensuring operations at highest environmental standard for sustainability and ecosystem integrity

Ensuring workable design options for sustainable blue economy operations of the highest standard.

The Sustainable Offshore Developments program will profile, and advocate for, the regulatory frameworks that will provide confidence for aquaculture and renewable energy industry to invest, while also giving the public confidence that offshore developments operate to the highest environmental standards for sustainability and ecosystem integrity.

Strong linkages with the Environment and Ecosystems program in the design of appropriate monitoring and evaluation performance metrics, will support ongoing environmental assessment and health monitoring.

Collaboratively with the Seafood and Marine Products and Ocean Renewable Energy Systems programs, this program will evaluate the performance of different aquaculture and offshore renewable energy systems as well as the financial, environmental and societal benefits of co-location and integration of activities across different users and different sectors.



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  • Policy & regulation mapping
  • Environmental management accounting

  • Economic options

  • First Nations & Cultural values

  • Ethics, values & Social licence

  • Policy and regulatory scenarios
  • Environmental management accounting

  • Supply chain analysis and Non-Market valuations

  • Integrity systems: certification and assessment

  • Blue economy reporting

Delivering offshore production systems for energy and aquaculture in a sustainable blue economy, through technological innovation


  • Achieve effective cross jurisdictional policy settings and regulatory arrangements that are coherent, cost effective, and support offshore blue economy activities.
  • Development of state of the blue economy reporting, combining new and existing measures that includes social measures to support improved community understanding of the importance of blue economy activities.

Milestone Output 1

Assessment of the fit of legislative and policy frameworks for blue economy activities, evaluation of mechanisms in relation to management of risks in the implementation of integrated management, and development and application of policy tools to assess the effectiveness in meeting policy objectives.

Milestone Output 2

An integrated and planned approach to managing supply chains that includes the identification of potential synergies between marine and offshore energy and aquaculture systems that results in cost effectiveness. Proposing integrated systems and processes for supporting marine and offshore energy and aquaculture supply chain operations, including the proposed co-located platform.

Milestone Output 3

State of the blue economy reporting framework and regular reports. Mapping, assessing, and making recommendations for improvement to the Blue Economy Integrity Systems.

Milestone Output 4

Establishment of cost effective and robust economic assessments, and environmental management accounting systems for blue economy activities.

Milestone Output 5

Establishment of internal CRC research engagement and extension process. Establishment of research user forums and industry workshop to enhance capacity.


Professor Marcus Haward

Program Leader
Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania

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