The Blue Economy CRC’s Education and Training Program compliments its research agenda, and builds engagement and capacity within industry Participants and other end-users.

The outcomes of this Program will lead to a transformation in blue economy collaboration, capability building and productivity, and train a cohort of specialist scientists and engineers with detailed cross-discipline knowledge to work in Australia’s future blue economy industries. Creation of new knowledge, technologies and future leaders will underpin the growth and productivity of participating sectors across Australia and internationally.

A range of measures and programs have been built on collaborative feedback and are designed to add value to industry participants and researchers alike. This includes options for industry placement of early career researchers and PhD candidates, international exchanges of staff and researchers, training opportunities, and an active program of events to provide opportunities for professional development, networking, public outreach and knowledge exchange.

The Blue Economy CRC aims to graduate PhD students and embed Post-doctoral Research Fellows in projects, all of whom will play a critical role in providing a platform for new generations of innovators to advance their research careers, and develop their ideas and innovations within key research areas.

PhD Scholarships

Current PhD Scholars

Postdoctoral Research Fellows