Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS-A) is an innovative and award-winning composite materials engineering and manufacturing organisation. With a diverse team and 30 years of experience in product development with composites, ACS-A is recognised globally for delivering advanced material and structures solutions. Specialising in design, manufacture, testing and repair of composite products, ACS-A is known for taking on challenging projects and developing innovative product solutions, and is the ideal partner to help transform possibilities into reality with composites technology.

  • 198 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 AUSTRALIA
  • +61 3 9676 4950

Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS-A) delivers high value engineering and manufacturing of unique composites related product and technology solutions for a broad range of industry partners. ACS-A stands out by providing project partners with a “one-stop-shop” for the development and supply of new composite related products, providing a simplified, fast-tracked path to market. Projects range in size and complexity, and are undertaken in partnership with organisations in renewable energy, marine, mining, rail transport, oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, defence and consumer goods.

The capability ACS-A offers to its clients and partners is end-to-end: from concept development and engineering design, through to product development, manufacturing and sustainment of products. In recent years, ACS-A has expanded into series manufacture and assembly of low-volume, high-value, composite products and has made strategic investments into advanced manufacturing equipment including automated machining and additive manufacturing.

Design & Analysis Capabilities

ACS-A conducts design and analysis of composite structures and assemblies of any size and complexity, specialising in dynamic simulation of crash and impact events. Successful projects have included conceptual, preliminary and detailed design using advanced composites optimisation to design very light weight structures.

Product Development

With a well-equipped facility in Melbourne, ACS-A has Industry 4.0 manufacturing tools that enable efficient and agile product development, supported by automated CNC milling and advanced 3D printing machines. Use of modelling tools to predict material and component behaviour during manufacture, together with coupon and component testing, reduces experimentation during the design process to cut the development time and cost.

Manufacturing & Assembly Capabilities

ACS-A has an ISO9001 certified facility for high-value, low-volume, advanced manufacture of composite products and assemblies. Specialised capabilities include the supply of high-tolerance composites for demanding, safety-critical applications. The ability to design and manufacture low-cost tooling for rapid prototyping has enabled reduced cost and fast turnaround for low-series production.

Inspection and Repair

ACS-A has a team of engineers and technicians with proven experience in inspection and repair of composites for aerospace, transport components and fatigue critical structures in renewable energy systems. Examples of past work include the inspection and repair of damaged storage tanks, pipelines, wind turbine blades, air and rail transport as well as defence/maritime structures.

Breakthrough Technologies

ACS-A has a portfolio of innovative products and processes, as well as an innovation program – Lorimer Composites, which is open to anyone with a great composite product idea. Examples of novel technology developments includes eliminating fasteners and traditional bonding processes through thermoset composite welding and a light-weight corrosion resistant composite leak containment system for damaged pipelines.


The ACS-A team has delivered over 40 courses and workshops for industry, having trained engineers, technicians and operators on all aspects of composites design, manufacture and repair. Additionally, partner organisations can take advantage of the knowledgeable team and embed them in the field to rapidly implement new technologies.

ACS-A is proud to be a key participant of the Blue Economy CRC, bringing critical engineering design and manufacturing capabilities to major projects, including the Mooring Tensioner for Wave Energy Converters and MoorPowerTM Scaled Demonstrator projects. The talented engineers and technicians at ACS-A are continuously being challenged by a diverse range of projects where advanced composite materials are being applied. The team’s passion for advancing the technology of composites into sustainable renewable energy systems can be seen in the involvement with major projects together with the Blue Economy CRC.