Blue Economy CRC Research Director, Professor Irene Penesis and CEO Dr John Whittington have published a chapter about Australia’s Blue Economy CRC in a new book ‘Preparing a Workforce for the New Blue Economy: People, Products and Policies’.

The book discusses the new Blue Economy, how industries will develop, and how to train the next generation. The book provides a broad range of case studies, covering oil spills, commercial fishing, data protection and harvesting, sustainability and weather forecasting, all presented to highlight the educational requirements of the future workforce and potential economic opportunities.

The book chapter by Irene and John outlines opportunities in Australia’s new Blue Economy industries focusing on offshore aquaculture and offshore renewable energy and the role of the Blue Economy CRC in realising those.

The new blue economy (NBE) is implicit in the research and training focus of the Blue Economy CRC. The Blue Economy CRC’s vision of seeing aquaculture and renewable energy moving further offshore is predicated on the NBE. That is, the development of new technologies – autonomous systems, sensors, numerical models, advances in cloud computing – will unlock our ability to measure, model and predict our oceans, fish stocks and structures, and generate the data needed to inform future application, decision making and addresses challenges in real time. Hence, the development of the NBE (and application of the knowledge-based products generated) will allow traditional blue economy industries to transition into new environments and sustainably grow in ways that are not currently possible.

Copies of the 1st Edition are now available for purchase. 

Penesis, I. and Whittington, J., (2021). ‘Australia’s Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre’, Preparing a Workforce for the New Blue Economy, Liesl Hotaling and Rick Spinrad (ed), Elsevier. ISBN: 9780128214312.