Dr Remo Cossu


Remo has 12 years of research experience in water engineering and recently joined the School of Civil Engineering in February 2016. Remo’s research projects span over a range of topics such as hydrodynamics in coastal areas and lakes, renewable energy, sediment transport processes, water quality management, seafloor mapping, pipeline surveys etc.

Remo started his professional career as a Research Associate at the Franzius-Institute for Hydraulic, Waterways and Coastal Engineering at Hannover University, Germany, where he investigated flood risk and management in tidally influenced estuaries with numerical models. Remo did his PhD on the hydrodynamics of oceanic gravity and turbidity currents under the influence of Coriolis forces in the Earth Sciences Department, University of Toronto, Canada. Remo continued hos work in Canada as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto where he focused on turbulence in coastal boundary layers and sediment transport processes in density currents.

Before joining UQ Remo was working as a Lecturer and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) at the University of Tasmania where he worked on projects in Tasmanian coastal waters (renewable energy, analysis of tidal currents, pipeline surveys) and limnological processes (Lake Ohau, New Zealand). A career highlight was a research trip with a team of sea-ice experts funded by NZARI to Antarctica (Cape Evans, McMurdo Sound) to analyze characteristics of the sea-ice ocean boundary layer using an autonomous underwater vehicle (UBC Gavia AUV).

In addition, Remo also worked as a Coastal Engineer at the Federal Administration for Waterways and Shipping in Hamburg, Germany, to improve seaway conditions and sediment relocation strategies for Europe’s second largest port in Hamburg.