Earlier this week, the Tasmanian Government’s Living Marine Resources Management Amendment (Aquaculture Research) Bill 2021 was passed by Parliament.

The purpose of this Bill is to facilitate future research into offshore aquaculture in Commonwealth waters adjacent to Tasmania.

With the passing of this Bill, the Australian and Tasmanian Governments will look to establish an agreement to allow the granting of scientific permits by the Tasmanian Government for aquaculture research in Commonwealth waters.

Blue Economy CEO, Dr John Whittington on the latest announcement:

“With the passing of the Offshore Marine Aquaculture bill, we look forward to the continuation of preliminary research into the feasibility and management of offshore aquaculture in Commonwealth Waters.”

“This is an important step in developing the sustainable, low carbon seafood production systems of the future including seaweeds, finfish and shellfish.”  

The Blue Economy CRC is committed to broad consultation on any proposed research in Commonwealth waters prior to seeking a permit under these new arrangements.