Professor Evan Gray


Evan Gray has research interests focused on the physics of energy-related materials, including hydrogen storage materials and superconductors, and modelling energy systems. He has worked on materials for solid-state hydrogen storage for more than 30 years, using national and international neutron and synchrotron beam facilities to study structure-function relationships.

Evan manages the National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility at Griffith University, which provides authoritative measurements of the uptake of hydrogen from ppm levels in high-strength steels to quantities for energy storage, at temperatures from cryogenic to 1000 Celsius, and hydrogen pressures from ultra-high vacuum to thousands of atmospheres.

Evan has a strong interest in the deployment of hydrogen-energy technologies in Australia. A focus on physics-based modelling of energy systems has developed around the pioneering Sir Samuel Griffith Centre, which incorporates hydrogen energy technology (electrolyser, metal-hydride hydrogen storage, fuel cell) to allow the building to operate off the electricity grid.

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