In step with the increasing population, demand for seafood is generally expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Fish farmers are recognising that they will need to employ new technologies and solutions to meet this demand.

Aquaculture and fish farming

Going offshore with aquaculture is about pushing limits. Much is expected from aquaculture production in the coming decades and to fulfil these expectations, the industry needs both to develop existing segments and cultivate new ones.

The Blue Economy CRC’s October webinar will give an introduction to the possibilities and challenges associated with offshore aquaculture.

Following the publication of the Marine Aquaculture Forecast by DNV, Guest presenter, Per Arild Aland, Business Development Manager, DNV Maritime – Offshore Classification will present a prediction of the developments of seafood demand up to 2050. Taking into consideration not just population growth, but social trends and changes in living standards to estimate demand for food.

Today’s fish farming installations are growing increasingly complex, with a progressive impact on project risk and operational safety. It is, therefore, crucial to handle the technology’s risks and implementation appropriately.

There are significant possibilities achievable with offshore aquaculture which are not without their challenges.

As Per Arild Aland states,

“Fish farming in the traditional sheltered locations have limitations when it comes to sustainability.”

“Problems with fish disease, feed and waste deposition, water exchange in the pens, and lack of space in general means one of the best way to grow is moving out”

The webinar will detail DNV’s approach to dealing with risks associated with this emerging industry and how development and competence-building are needed in several fields for the deeper water opportunities to be realised.

“It is essential to strengthen offshore fish farming projects by providing uniformity, transparency, and predictability, contributing to reduce project risk.”

“We need to be sure that facilities can handle harsh environment and still contain the fish safely. Our main goal is to avoid surprises” says Per Arild Aland.

Additionally, solutions for sustainability combined with digital transformation will be discussed and how they are essential to succeed in this emerging segment.

The webinar will be facilitated by Dr Gunilla Burrowes, Board Member of the Blue Economy CRC.

Webinar information
Wednesday 13th October, 2021, 3 – 4.30pm (AEDT)