Today Blue Economy CRC-Co Ltd (the Blue Economy CRC) took the next important step in its work to support sustainable offshore seafood production and renewable energy development when it signed a major Grant Agreement with the Australian Government Department of Industry Innovation and Science.

The CRC’s Chair, Greg Johannes, said “the CRC welcomed the Australian Government’s investment of up to $70million over the next decade and that it marked an important milestone for the Company.”

“The CRC will have more than 40 participants from Australia and overseas, working together over the next ten years to realise exciting new opportunities in sustainable and environmentally responsible offshore seafood production and renewable energy. The Australian Government’s investment through the CRC Program is a critical next step on that path” he added.

The next major step for the company is the execution of an agreement with its participants, which is expected to be concluded by mid-January 2020 ahead of the official launch of the new Centre early next year.

About the Blue Economy CRC

The Blue Economy CRC brings together expertise in the seafood, marine renewable energy and offshore marine engineering sectors to deliver innovative solutions that will transform the way we sustainably use our oceans. The Blue Economy CRC is funded in part under the CRC program administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and brings together over 40 participants to conduct collaborative research, development, commercialisation, education and training over a 10 year term. The Blue Economy is headquartered in Launceston, Tasmania.

21 October, 2019

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Dr Darren Cundy:  interim Chief Executive Officer


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