Research Program

RP3 Offshore Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) Program

Project Leader

Alexandre Pichard, Carnegie Clean Energy Limited

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The efficient and cost-effective conversion of wave energy into electrical energy has remained an unsolved technological challenge. This project will develop, proof test and demonstrate a novel energy storage element, the Mooring Tensioner, enabling the use of rotary electrical generators for Wave Energy Converters (WEC).

The Mooring Tensioner will be delivered in high performance, lightweight and durable fibre reinforced composites, allowing easy integration to the space constrained WEC environment. The delivered efficiency advantages will significantly enhance the competitiveness of WEC technologies, thereby supporting the supply of low-cost energy to the onshore grid, offshore platforms and aquaculture sites.


The overall project objective is to deliver a reliable, cost-effective Mooring Tensioner design, suitably verified for application to real WEC systems. It is expected that successful delivery of the Mooring Tensioner design and testing will lead to a step-change in WEC LCoE supporting lower cost of energy supply to the land-based electricity grid, offshore platforms and aquaculture sites.

Image courtesy of Carnegie Clean Energy Limited

Project Participants


36 months