Prof Irene Penesis features in Create magazine

This week, the Blue Economy CRC features in create, the official magazine of Engineers Australia.

Blue Economy CRC Research Director, Professor Irene Penesis discusses how the CRC is bringing together expertise in marine engineering, renewable energy and aquaculture to transform the way we use our oceans.

Specifically, how by bringing together a diverse group of researchers and industry partners, the centre hopes to make seafood production one of Australia’s top three primary producing sectors by 2040, worth more than $5 billion a year.

“Our vision is for Australia’s ‘blue economy’ industries (in offshore sustainable seafood and co-located renewable energy) to be globally competitive, at the forefront of innovation and underpinned by a robust environmental planning and management framework that is trusted and valued by consumers,” CRC Research Director Professor Irene Penesis told create.

Head of Research Program #1, Offshore Engineering and Technology Professor Chien Ming Wang, also features discussing his scoping study on fish pen designs and mooring systems, multipurpose floating platforms, autonomous technology for aquaculture and offshore renewable energy production and storage.

“These studies will allow us to identify key concepts, technologies and technological gaps,” he said.

“The next step is for the multidisciplinary research teams to formulate directions for future ground-breaking research and development of next-generation offshore fish farms and renewable energy production systems. Conceptual designs will be shortlisted for further analysis, design, model testing and finally for prototyping.”

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