Step 1 of 6 - Instructions


    Before preparing your Application, please read the following advice on the application process, and related information.

    1. Review the Conditions of Award stipulated by the Blue Economy CRC-Co. (BE CRC).
    2. Contact the primary supervisor for this Project, to introduce yourself as a potential applicant and discuss the BE CRC listed Project.
    3. If you wish to proceed with applying, complete this Form as fully as possible, including all attachments required. All advertised scholarship opportunities will remain open until an applicant is formally selected by the BE CRC, and enrolled to undertake that PhD at the host university.
    4. The BE CRC will then send your Application to your Primary Supervisor (as nominated in your Application), for them to provide a written assessment of your suitability as a candidate suitable for selection.
    5. Those applicants that have not been selected for further consideration will be advised. Any applicants that have not discussed the project with the Primary Supervisor will be omitted.
    6. The BE CRC will make a final selection of the Scholarship applicants, and notify the student and primary supervisor that the designated Project will proceed to a formal funding application.
    7. Your Primary Supervisor will work with you to complete your enrolment at the university. It is expected that these notifications will occur in January 2020, shortly after the closing date.
    8. Note that any projects that cannot be assigned a suitable PhD applicant in this round of scholarships, will continue to be advertised for the receipt of applications at a later date.