Advances in Fish Pen Designs and Mooring Systems

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Webinar: Advances in Fish Pen Designs and Mooring Systems

Thursday 4th February, 5pm – 6pm (AEDT)

Presentation 1: Developments on Offshore Fish Pen Designs and Mooring Systems
Presented by Mr Sean van Steel (CoreMarine AS, Oslo)

Presentation Synopsis
As Aquaculture systems move into higher energy environments, they experience higher environmental loads for a more sustained period of their life. This exposure drives a need for larger structures and/or a more frequent maintenance plan to be implemented. Our experience to date is with larger O+G style installations such as HavFarm1. Sean will cover the challenges in designing and installing these styles of structures. He will also cover some of the more practical lessons learnt over the past years from their work with these systems

Presentation 2: Challenges related to analysis and design of fish farms for exposed waters
Presented by Prof Jorgen Amdahl (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim)

Presentation Synopsis
As the fish farming industry moves into more exposed waters the installations must be designed on the basis of first principles. The experience obtained from offshore oil & gas installations constitutes a useful background in this context and design methods that have been developed may be used to a large extent also for aquaculture systems. However, significant differences may exist, notably w.r.t environmental conditions, loads and load effects assessment. Various differences will be examined, and challenges related to notably FLS and ULS assessment will be discussed.


Name: Sean van Steel
Affiliation: Co-Founder and Operations Director, CoreMarine AS, Oslo
Bio: Sean is an AMC graduate from 2010 (BE (NA) Hons). Background from Aker Solutions/Kvaerner in floater design, offshore Jacket design and heavy lifting operations. He then moved to EMAS AMC to where he was involved in Installation analysis and operations covering: pipelines, power cables and subsea structures. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and Operations Director of CoreMarine, where he is responsible for the day to day delivery of the company’s projects. CoreMarine has grown from 3 other Founders to 19 people across Norway, Spain and Australia over 4 years. CoreMarine focuses on: Design, analysis and installation of Ocean structures (Aqua, Renewable, O+G): Offshore Fish farms, FOWT, Mooring systems, Underwater Restaurants.


Name: Prof Jorgen Amdahl
Affiliation: Professor, Department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Bio: Jørgen Amdahl obtained the PhD degree in Marine Technology from NTNU in 1983. He has been Research Engineer at DNVGL and SINTEF Structural Engineering and employed by NTNU in 1988, Professor in 1994. Amdahl is co-author of the book: Nonlinear Analysis of Offshore Structures and was instrumental in the development of DNVGL RP-C204 for design against accidental loads for offshore structures. He was Norwegian representative to the standing committee of the International Ships and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC) 2009-2015. He is shareholder of the Usfos AS company and member of the core research team in the Centre of Excellence: AMOS.


Name: Prof CM Wang
Affiliation: University of Queensland
Bio: Professor Chien Ming Wang is the Program Leader for the BE CRC Research Program 1 in Offshore Engineering & Technology and Professor at School of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland (UQ).

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