Multipurpose Platform and Co-location of Aquaculture & Wind Farms

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Webinar: Multipurpose Platform and Co-location of Aquaculture & Wind Farms

Wednesday 21st April, 4pm – 5pm (AEST)

This Blue Economy CRC webinar will feature two 20-min talks on multi-purpose floating platforms. A multi-purpose platform is an offshore system designed to serve the purposes of more than one offshore industry.

Indeed, a number of industries have expanded, or are expanding, from onshore to offshore locations, to extract energy (conventional or renewable) or useful materials (deep mining), to produce food (aquaculture), nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals (blue biotechnology), to expand the urban areas, or to simply develop the local tourism, to name a few.

Presentation 1: Multipurpose Platform Design for floating offshore Wind O&M and AC/DC topsides

Our first speaker – Prof Frank Adam (from Rostok University, Germany) will speak on Multipurpose Platform Design for floating offshore wind operation and maintenance (O&M) platform including adaptations for a transformer topside. The topside is designed to cater for O&M services, accommodation facilities for service staffs, renewable energy extraction and smart storage system, and housing of spare parts.

Presentation 2: Offshore Multi-Purpose Platforms – exploiting the synergies between aquaculture and offshore renewables

The second speaker – Prof Maurizio Collu (from Strathclyde University, United Kingdom) will speak on Offshore Multi-Purpose Platforms – exploiting the synergies between aquaculture and offshore renewables. In this talk, he will share his involvement in the aquaculture-wind-wave offshore multipurpose platform which was developed under the EU project “The Blue Growth Farm”. The platform is currently been tested (at 1:15 scale) off the coast of Italy.


Name: Dr.-Ing. Frank ADAM
Affiliation: Rostok University, Germany
Bio: Frank Adam is a graduate of Technical University Dresden, Germany within the field of mechanical engineering. His PhD thesis was finalized in 2015 at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg with the grade SUMMA CUM LAUDE. Since October 2015, Frank leads the Wind Energy Engineering division at GICON. Besides his employment at GICON, he has a contract with the University of Rostock (Germany) to lead a young researcher group with 4 PhDs within the field of floating offshore wind. As the head of the Offshore division, he is involved in commercial engineering projects for several contractors and also involved in several research projects, e.g. Space@Sea (EU H2020 funded), NuLIMAS (MarTERA program), FLOAWER (MC M2020) as a leader, coordinator or WP leader. Furthermore, Frank is a member of the ISSC V.4 and the IEC61400-3-2 committees. Additionally, Frank is involved in the DNV-GL JIP with regard to simulation methods for floating offshore wind.


Name: Prof Maurizio Collu
Affiliation: Strathclyde University, United Kingdom
Bio: Dr Maurizio Collu (PI) is Reader (Associate Professor) in Offshore Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. MRINA, CEng, he is a member of the ITTC Hydrodynamic Modelling of Marine Renewable Energy Devices Committee (2017-20). His research has focused on the coupled dynamics of offshore renewable energy devices since 2009, with more than 60 international peer-reviewed papers, and four book chapters on this topic. Among others, Maurizio was Principal Investigator of the INNO-MP project, a UK-China project focusing on the development of offshore multi-purpose platforms for small communities, and is WP leader in the EU H2020 project The Blue Growth Farm (EU H2020 Grant no. 774426), developing and testing an aquaculture-wind-wave multipurpose platform.


Name: Professor CM Wang
Affiliation: University of Queensland
Bio: CM Wang is the Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Chair Professor in Structural Engineering, University of Queensland. Prof Wang is a Chartered Structural Engineer, Fellow of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, Fellow of Academy of Engineering Singapore, Fellow of Institution of Engineers Singapore, Fellow of Institution of Structural Engineers and Fellow of Society of Floating Solutions (Singapore). He is the leader of the Research Program #1 on Offshore Engineering and Technology in the Blue Economy CRC.

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