Facilitating Consenting and Deployment of Marine Energy Devices through Risk Retirement

The Blue Economy CRC will host its next webinar on Wednesday 19th May from 12pm – 1pm (AEST) on ‘Facilitating Consenting and Deployment of Marine Energy Devices through Risk Retirement’.

Dr Andrea Copping, Energy and Environment Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington (US) will present the uncertainties around potential effects of wave and tidal devices and describe the process for simplifying data collection and evidence bases that support risk retirement.

Environmental effects from wave and tidal devices continue to slow and complicate consenting and impedes the development of the marine energy industry.

There is not an adequate track record of long-term operations upon which to base consenting decisions, causing regulators and stakeholders to have concerns.

As Dr Copping states:

“We have learned a lot about most potential environmental effects marine energy and offshore wind to know they pose minimal risks to the marine environment, for small numbers of devices.”

“As we move towards larger commercial arrays we will need to continue to monitor and learn from research around devices in the water.”

Ocean Energy Systems-Environmental seeks to understand and develop processes to simply consenting by applying existing data and research findings to these challenges, through a process known as Risk Retirement.

Dr Copping will be providing a 40min presentation followed by 20min Q&A.

Registrations are now open.

Visit the webinar event page for more information, speaker bio and to register.

The webinar will be made available via Connect to participants who cannot attend.