Unlocking the Blue Economy: is Seaweed One of the Keys?

Worldwide, seaweed cultivation and utilisation are multi-billion dollar industries, yet Australasia plays little role in either.

This is set to change, with growing interest in using our coastal and offshore waters to produce seaweeds that will not only provide high-value products for global markets, but will help mitigate human carbon emissions both directly through products that lower methane emissions and indirectly through long term carbon sequestration.

Professor Lindsey White will facilitate this upcoming webinar on whether seaweed is the key to unlocking the blue economy.

“Seaweed farming is a massive global industry worth more than US$16m annually.”

“It is encouraging to see interest to engage in seaweed farming here in Australasia”

The webinar will feature four experts who will talk directly to the utility of seaweed farming and how this fits with the goals and milestones of the Blue Economy CRC followed by a Q&A.

Presenters include: 

Registrations are now open.

Visit the webinar event page for more information, speaker bios and to register.

The webinar will be made available to those who cannot attend via the event listing post-event.