The Blue Economy CRC is pleased to announce the launch of the PhD Scholars program with PhD topics available across its five research programs now open for applications.

Deadline for applications is 10th January, 2021.

A PhD Scholarship with the Blue Economy CRC places students in a unique cross-disciplinary research environment, enabling them to develop solutions that will help revolutionise the aquaculture and ocean-based renewable energy sectors.

All students within the BE CRC education and training program will benefit from:

  1. Professional development opportunities, through conferences workshops and other networking events
  2. Access to industry training and mentoring programs
  3. Generous internship opportunities with industry and end-user partners, to enable both academic and industry-based research experience.

PhD Scholarships are funded for up to 3.5 years at the equivalent Research Training Program (RTP) full-time base stipend rate of AUD $28,092 per annum.

Research Director, Irene Penesis states:

“The Blue Economy CRC’s PhD Scholars Program is an exciting opportunity for companies and government to work closely with the best and brightest students to develop new ideas, technological solutions and thinking. Our PhD Scholars will develop real-work experience, strengthen their technical and soft skills and knowledge about the blue economy and be connected with potential employers.”

To find out more and to check your eligibility and participating universities, visit our PhD Scholarships.

Current PhD topics on offer include:

  1. Development of a mechanical tensioner for wave energy harvesting
  2. Advances in modelling benthic-pelagic solute fluxes in marine environments
  3. Integrated numerical modelling approach for design of offshore aquaculture structures
  4. Energy-optimal control scheme for mobile robotic platforms in offshore aquaculture
  5. An ecosystem based blue economy on Sea Country
  6. Applications will be either via the hosting university or direct to via Blue Economy CRC via an online application form. Full instructions and links can be found at the bottom of each project.
For a full list of topics available, visit the current PhDs opportunities.