Multipurpose Platform and Co-location of Aquaculture & Wind Farms

The Blue Economy CRC will host it’s next webinar on Wednesday 21st April from 4pm – 5pm (AEST) on ‘Multipurpose Platform and Co-location of Aquaculture & Wind Farms’.

Facilitated by Professor CM Wang from the University of Queensland, the webinar will feature two 20-min talks on multi-purpose floating platforms.

A multi-purpose platform is an offshore system designed to serve the purposes of more than one offshore industry.

Indeed, a number of industries have expanded, or are expanding, from onshore to offshore locations, to extract energy (conventional or renewable) or useful materials (deep mining), to produce food (aquaculture), nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals (blue biotechnology), to expand the urban areas, or to simply develop the local tourism, to name a few.

Presentation 1 by Dr.-Ing. Frank ADAM from Rostok University, Germany will discuss Multipurpose Platform Design for floating offshore Wind O&M and AC/DC topsides.

Presentation 2 by Prof Maurizio Collu from Strathclyde University, United Kingdom, will discuss Offshore Multi-Purpose Platforms – exploiting the synergies between aquaculture and offshore renewables.

Registrations are now open.

Visit the webinar event page for more information, speaker bios and to register.

The webinar will be made available via Connect to participants who cannot attend.