We are passionate about creating the ultimate salmon experience. As the world’s largest producer, we are the King salmon experts with more than 30 years of farming, processing and branding this unique breed.

  • 93 Beatty St, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011, New Zealand
  • 0064 3 548 5714

We are the largest producer of farmed King salmon in the world. King salmon are a rare and unique species known for their exceptional quality and taste. We manage every step of the production process from egg to plate and proudly produce and market a diverse range of King salmon products. From fresh whole salmon to premium pet food, we create King salmon products that are loved both here in New Zealand and worldwide.

We have a well-established domestic market share along with a successful history in offshore markets. Currently, 46% of our King salmon is enjoyed in New Zealand with the remainder exported to more than 15 countries around the world.



RP1 Offshore Engineering and Technology


Review on Fish Pen Designs and Mooring Systems

RP2 Seafood & Marine Products


Key Challenges for Offshore/High Energy Salmon Aquaculture Production

RP3 Offshore Renewable Energy Systems


Offshore/High Energy Aquaculture Systems – Energy Demand Analysis

RP4 Environment and Ecosystems


A novel approach to measuring the depositional footprint of the Blue Economy

RP4 Environment and Ecosystems


Risks & Opportunities for the Blue Economy

RP5 Sustainable Offshore Developments


Integrating Blue Economy Governance Integrity Research

RP5 Sustainable Offshore Developments


Ethics, Values and Social License in the Blue Economy