Professor Chris Frid


Professor Chris Frid is committed to transdisciplinary research as the key to finding solutions to the grand challenges facing society and has worked with engineers, fishing gear technologists, political scientists, sociologists and economists. He was the lead ecologist in a study to value the contribution of the UK’s marine protected areas and has lead work for the European Union linking ecosystem service provision to marine habitats and key ecological processes.

His recent work has focused on the long-term change in marine systems including the role of climatic variation and the effects of fisheries. Much of this work has been seen as important for the development of marine policy and in particular the application of holistic, ecosystem perspectives and the management of multiple sectors. He has also pioneered work designed to provide quantified analysis of ecological functioning in sea floor systems and man’s impact on it. Recent work has seen significant collaborations with social and policy specialists working to integrate scientific evidence into maritime policy and management.

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