Professor Lindsey White


Professor Lindsey White completed his PhD at the University of Auckland in 2001. He was awarded a three-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology and in 2004 took up a position as Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Science at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He was appointed Head of the School of Interprofessional Health Studies at AUT in 2010 and in 2014 gave this up to take up a position as Associate Dean – International and Enterprise in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences. In 2016 he took up the role of Associate Dean – Research and Enterprise.

Professor Lindsey White is currently on the Science Executive of the Blue Economy CRC and Deputy Lead of the Seafood and Marine Products Research Program.

Professor White continues to teach, supervise and research within the School of Science at AUT.

Professor White’s main research interest has always been seaweeds. Much of his research has focused on seaweed utilisation, both by humans and by marine herbivores. He currently have several projects on the use of Undaria pinnatifida (an invasive seaweed) in New Zealand from both the wild harvest and aquaculture angles.

More recently he has moved into the fisheries space, and have several projects which are aiming to sustainably enhance the fisheries of both New Zealand surf clams and geoduc.

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