Research Program

RP1 Offshore Engineering and Technology (OET)

Project Leader

Michael, Heitzmann, The University of Queensland

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The mechanism for attaching fish farming nets to floating cages in the current inshore farming environment has been identified as a weak point of the structures in a high energy, offshore farming environment. This project will develop a new, robust methodology, and a marketable product for the CRC.

It will focus on the development of a collar tie replacement, undertaken alongside the collection of sensor data as it is expected that these attachment points will be identified as a weak link in existing systems. A prototype collar tie will be developed to eliminate issues with chafing and wear.

This prototype will be field-tested and refined to develop a commercially viable product ready for manufacture.

  • Tassal and UQ General Project

Image courtesy of Tassal Group Limited

Project Participants

  • Tassal Group Limited
  • University of Queensland


36 months

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Project Progress

Provisional Patent & Prototype Installation

A provisional patent was granted late 2021 followed by installation of the 2nd phase optimised prototype by Tassal in offshore fish pens.