Research Program

RP5 Sustainable Offshore Developments (SOD) Program

Project Leader

Oanh Nguyen, University of Tasmania

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The Blue Economy (BE) concept varies substantially across studies and countries. There exist different approaches to BE planning and evaluation. This study reviews existing economic assessment frameworks for Sustainable Offshore Developments (RP5). A systematic review will be conducted to draw on knowledge and experience from countries/regions. Based on this, critical issues will be identified and investigated, including the development of economic assessment frameworks including national economic accounting; input-output tables; computer general equilibrium; stated, revealed and deliberative monetary valuation approaches; and ecosystem service value and natural capital accounting frameworks, and recommendations will be provided for market and non-market goods and services.

Outputs will include economic mapping and recommendations for the development of economic analysis, assessment methods, and the Australian Blue Economy Consolidation Framework

IMAGE courtesy of BECRC

Project Participants

  • Griffith University
  • University of Tasmania


6 months

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