Biofouling Challenges and Possible Solutions

This month, Dr. Heidy Cruz, Materials Scientist in the School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, discusses the research being undertaken in the RP1 current project, Biofouling Challenges and Possible Solutions. in the November edition of RP1 news.

Biofouling, the growth of unwanted organisms on the surfaces of man-made structures immersed in the sea, poses several challenges in the aquaculture, sensing and monitoring, and marine renewable energy sectors of the Blue Economy.

Biofouling colonisation brings serious problems to aquaculture farms worldwide and is considered one of the key challenges of the Blue Economy in transitioning to a sustainable, efficient, and economic off-shore seafood and renewable energy production system.

For more information about his project, view the complete RP1 November newsletter or visit the Biofouling project page.

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