Interim CEO, Darren Cundy discusses the Blue Economy CRC on ABC Future Tense program.

The Blue Economy CRC is challenging us to realise the sustainable management of ocean resources requires collaboration across borders and sectors at a scale we haven’t seen before. Sustainability is key. The idea of sustainability goes to the heart of the BECRC. Contributions from the federal government, industry and research sectors are enabling the CRC to tackle national issues. The CRC is focused on unlocking technology and solutions to enable Australia to be a global leader in harnessing this ‘Blue Economy’.

The BECRC will do many things but one tangible target outcome will be to design and build an offshore platform powered by renewal energy to allow aquaculture to operate in different places in a different but sustainable way. This 10 year collaboration is focusing on developing a new state of the art integrated multitrophic aquaculture site that creates its own renewable energy. Our challenges of population growth, environmental and economic challenges of on-land protein production, has seen an explosion in aquaculture. Australia is a high quality exporter of seafood so this confluence of factors puts growing pressure on sustainable aquaculture practices.

Expectations around regulations around sustainable aquaculture practices will increase and pressure on coastal spaces will become more contested. The BECRC is responding to a call from aquaculture industries to offer a sustainable and economically feasible way to move offshore.

The potential is great indeed. The CRC is finding ways to operate in a self sufficient way using innovative aquaculture methods whilst remaining sensitive to the environment.  The trial of an offshore platform in Tasmania hopes to leverage these new technologies, which can then be used in locations elsewhere in  Australia and ultimately beyond.

The BECRC is bringing together the bespoke infrastructure suitable for an offshore environment which allows existing aquaculture systems to be adapted and integrated with renewable energy systems to exist in permanent offshore environment.

Listen to the complete audio with and note that the discussion concerning the Blue Economy specifically commences at the 17.30 mark.