Aquaculture Vessel Requirement Scoping Study Update

In this month’s RP1 news, Chris Shearer from BMT discusses the research being undertaken in the RP1 project 1.20.001: Aquaculture Vessel Requirement Scoping Study.

Chris is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, including RPEQ, NER, and CPEng. Chris joined BMT in 2011 and is a Senior Mechanical Engineer, providing engineering consulting and design services to various sectors including mining, ports, bulk materials handling, manufacturing, insurance, renewable energy, and defence. Chris is the lead on the Aquaculture Vessel Requirements Scoping Study.

The Scoping Study conducted a comprehensive review of the existing Australian and international maritime classification standards and Human Factors (HF) guidelines from the design, building, construction, and survey perspective of the offshore aquaculture platforms and vessels.

This study commenced reviewing Navigation Act and National Law which are the main legal documents that govern and regulate Australian maritime operations. Subsequently, National Law Regulations, Marine Orders, and National Standard for Commercial vessels (NSCV) were reviewed as they contribute to regulate the vessels operating in Australian waters.

The final report was submitted to BE CRC on the 13th of November 2020. View the full newsletter for an update on the Scoping Study findings.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the newsletter or information in it please feel free to contact the RP1 lead, Professor Chien Ming Wang. 

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