Roundtable: What are the key ethical values relevant to the Blue Economy?

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Webinar: What are the key ethical values relevant to the Blue Economy, the opportunities, challenges and dilemmas they present?

Wednesday 28 July 2021: 2pm-4pm (AEST)



The Institute for Ethics, Governance & Law—is undertaking a General CRC Research Project on ‘Ethics, values and social licence in the Blue Economy’ to produce a world-first account of the ethical values at stake in the Blue Economy.

The topic of the Roundtable is ‘What are the key ethical values relevant to the Blue Economy, and what are the opportunities, challenges and dilemmas they present?’

While we are keen to share our research thinking with other CRC members, a key purpose of this event is to hear about what others are doing in this space, and the ways that our future outputs could be shaped so they will be practically accessible and useful to interested CRC members.

We look forward to your participation.


Name: Professor Charles Sampford
Affiliation: Director, Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Griffith University
Bio: Professor Charles Sampford is Director of the multi-university Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law headquartered at Griffith University. Charles topped politics, philosophy and law at Melbourne, combining them in his 1986 Oxford DPhil. In 1991, Griffith approached him to be their Foundation Dean of Law and he established the curriculum and research culture that helped Griffith Law reach the top 50 on several indices and best in Australian on one.

He bid for and led the only Australian Research (ARC) Centre and only ARC network in law or governance and has led governance projects on five continents. Visiting appointments have included a Senior Fellowship at St John’s College Oxford and Senior Fulbright Award to Harvard. In 2008, his work on ethics and integrity systems was recognized by the ARC as one of the 20 researchers across all disciplines who had had the greatest impact. He has completed 32 books and over 150 essays and articles. He is also a Barrister with various Board appointments.


Name: Dr Hugh Breakey
Affiliation: Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Ethics, Governance & Law, Griffith University.
Bio: Dr Hugh Breakey is a Senior Research Fellow in moral philosophy at Griffith University’s Institute for Ethics, Governance & Law. His research spans political theory, normative ethics, governance studies and applied philosophy, exploring the ethical challenges in such diverse fields as peacekeeping, argument, institutional governance, climate change, sustainable tourism, private property, professional ethics and international law.

As well as his academic contributions, with more than fifty research publications, Hugh’s work has practical significance. He has consulted for several Australian government agencies, including ASIC, FASEA and the Professional Standards Councils. Since 2013, he has served as President of the Australian Association of Professional and Applied Ethics.

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