Machine Learning – adding power to the toolbox

The Blue Economy CRC will host its first public webinar on Wednesday 23rd September from 3-4pm AEST.

The webinar, Machine Learning – adding power to the toolbox will discuss how new computing technologies are seeing artificial intelligence methods expand in usefulness. It will discuss how machine learning is gaining momentum for more and more uses. Based on pattern recognition and iterative learning it delivers repeatable, reliable, automated services.

Whether it be by identifying fish, forecasting environmental conditions, transaction tracking, risk estimation, robotics and marketing, it works by running mathematical calculations over large volumes of data. It then uses the result to make a prediction, refining the calculations based on how well the prediction works.

This prediction and refining process is learning and can be done in many different ways.

Mathieu Cocho from Carnegie Clean Energy will feature in Part 1 the webinar with his discussion on machine learning applied to wave prediction.

Carnegie has developed a machine learning-based wave predictor, which has the potential to predict surface elevation up to 30 seconds into the future, in fractions of a second. This presentation will provide insight into the development and performance of this tool, which has direct applications in wave energy, but also in other industries, where knowledge of future wave is critical for safety, reliability and success.

Part 2 will see Dr. Scott Hadley and Dr. Myriam Lacharite from Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, UTAS and A/Prof. Quan Bai from Information & Communication Technology, UTAS discuss automated visual assessment of benthos using machine learning in aquaculture environmental monitoring.

As Dr Beth Fulton, Research Program Leader for the Environment and Ecosystems Program states:

“Machine learning is in many facets of life now, but I think for most people it’s a bit of a mystery on what it does. This seminar is about trying to provide some tangible examples of what it can do for the CRC and be a launch point for some new ideas.”

The webinar will be facilitated by Professor Lindsey White, School of Science at Auckland University of Technology and Deputy Lead of the Seafood and Marine Products Research Program.

Registrations are now open.

Visit the webinar event page for more information, speaker bios and to register. The webinar will be made available via our website for those who cannot attend.